Fulfillment Coaching

Are you confused about how to manage your health?
Are you “stuck” in unhealthy daily routines?
Are you ready to make the necessary changes to break free from your unhealthy choices?

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Health Coach & Personal Trainer, I help busy parents, professionals & athletes create & fulfill their lifestyle goals so they can live healthier, happier lives!

I named this program “Fulfillment Coaching” because it speaks to the heart of what it’s all about: you achieve your lifestyle & health goals that result in fulfillment. 

A good example of effective coaches are those in sports: Olympics, Professional sports teams, and Schools. The best coaches not only help their teams or clients win championships, but they give those they coach the right tools for success.

There are many different types of coaches  (i.e. offensive & defensive coaches in football, pitching coaches in baseball, running coaches, to name a few) but they all have certain attributes in common—they understand each client’s goals, and they motivate, educate and validate the people they coach.

Every person has the potential and ability to achieve their goals, assuming they are realistic, but it’s well documented that most people do not achieve their goals on their own, for various reasons, but the most cited ones are lack of confidence and lack of accountability. 

Getting & staying healthy today is no easy task because of the daily information overload from the news, social media, books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and on and on. And so much of it is conflicting, with new studies being published daily and data that is ever changing. But there’s good news…The Deeper Health Fulfillment Coaching Program!

When you work with me, YOU will set your own goals with timelines, and have a much clearer understanding of what you must do to succeed, whether your goal(s) is losing weight, elevating energy, relaxation techniques, choosing the best exercise programs, water filtration, or ditching toxic foods, personal hygiene products and household cleaners.

You will also learn to become a label reader on all products you put in & on your body, as well as adopt a more positive mindset & sharper focus to avoid distractions and disappointments that discourage and derail your efforts & progress. The end result will be a healthier, happier you—and the best part of all is knowing that you can embrace your challenges & you will WIN!

12 Week Program Includes:

► Comprehensive intake form analysis
► Initial 30-minute consultation
► 12 weekly 15-minute status sessions via phone (1 per week)
► Lifestyle Guide to Health & Fulfillment (includes sample meal plan & healthy tidbits)
► Deeper Health Food/Feelings/Feces Journal